Topic outline

  • Augmented Reality Generic Enabler

    Why to Use FIWARE AR GE

    Augmented Reality Generic Enabler (AR GE) is intended to help development of web browser based augmented reality applications.

    AR GE makes it relatively easy to

    • observe the location, the orientation, and the movement using the sensors of the AR device
    • track (observe the location and the orientation of) markers (special graphics made for the purpose)
    • render 3D graphics positioned on top of a video image
    • communicate with 3rd party web services

    Why to Read This Course Material

    This material explains

    • what can be done using AR
    • how to obtain FIWARE AR GE
    • how to develop an own AR application
  • Introduction to Augmented Reality

    Short introduction to idea, uses, operating principles, and design challenges of augmented reality (AR) is given. See notes for explanatory text. (Settings -> Open speaker notes)

  • Introduction to FIWARE Augmented Reality GE

    FIWARE AR GE facilitates AR applications running as a website in a web browser without plug-ins.

    This presentation describes the FIWARE Augmented Reality GE:

    • main features
    • prerequisites
    • how and wherefrom it can be downloaded,
    • pointers to documentation
    • how to proceed

    See notes for explanatory text. (Settings -> Open speaker notes)