Topic outline

  • General

    The 3D-UI-XML3D Generic Enabler allows you to declare interactive 3D scenes directly in the web site. In the following, we provide a few courses that let you dive directly into the concepts of XML3D, and create first applications within minutes.

  • Basics of XML3D - Our first scene

    This course introduces the key concepts of XML3D. We learn how to compose our first 3D scene from the XML3D elements <mesh> and <group>, how to use external resources for model data, and how to apply shading and lighting to a scene

  • FIWare Startup Weekends

    XML3D was presented on several startup weekends. The applications there built on the concepts of the introductory course. This presentation introduces possible application use cases, more in-depth examples of how to create interactive applications, and a hands-on section to test your code and directly see your results.