Topic outline

  • Points of Interest Data Provider Generic Enabler (POI GE) R5.4

    Purpose of the POI GE

    POI GE is intended to store location related data for easy and fast retrieval.

    POI Generic Enabler makes it relatively easy to

    • Relate any information to places, e.g.
      • Tourist attractions / services
      • Photos, videos, 3D content
      • Special location data of your business
      • Imaginary items of an outdoor game
      • ...
    • Search information by location and other criteria
    • Store information by location
    • Develop an application that utilizes those capabilities

    Required Background Knowledge

    For assessing applicability

    No special knowledge is needed to follow the beginning of the introductory course "Introduction to POI Data Provider GE" including the part "Where a POI system might be useful".

    For developing clients for POI server

    Knowledge of JavaScript and REST communication is needed to follow the last part "Developing a POI system using FI-Ware POI GE" of the introductory course.

  • Introduction to POI Data Provider GE

    This course introduces you to possibilities offered by the POI GE, how to get advantage of them, and where to find detailed information to develop applications to utilize the services provided by the POI GE.

  • Introduction to Service Architecture

    POI Data Provider uses REST interface over the Internet connection. POIs are identified by universal IDs to facilitate distributed data.

  • Installing a POI GE server

    Detailed step-by-step instructions how to install a POI GE to your server are given in Installation_and_Administration_Guide. Just follow the steps and copy/paste the commands. You have to know how to set up a Linux system using the command line interface. Slides are not provided as they are not needed by the target group.

    • Writing a POI GE Client

      A good starting point for developing an own client to utilize the POI GE is to experiment with the relatively simple but versatile Google Maps based web client example POI Mapper Client. To understand the details of POI related HTTP communicatons and data structures you may view again the introductory lesson starting from slide 10. Detailed explanations and copy/paste snippets can be found from User and Programmers Guide.