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  • Interface Designer (5.4.3)

    An in-browser world editor that allows users to easily create, remove, and manipulate scene objects through variety of tools. This editor in particular utilizes Scene and EC model, in other words, manipulates entities, components and attributes. Manipulations can be done through GUI that consist of three parts: scene tree, EC editor, and additional toolbar, or directly into the scene via 3D manipulation helper objects such as transform gizmo / axis tripods, and grids. The GUI provides extensive editing of entities that cannot be otherwise done via a 3D manipulation helper, and also in most of the cases serves for fine-tuning of values.

  • Getting started

    This course features an interactive in-application tutorial of the Interface Designer. You will learn about the functionalities it provides, and how to author your scene in 3D-UI WebTundra GE.

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