Topic outline

  • FIWARE Ops for Infrastructures

    This FIWARE Ops training course is aimed at Infrastructure Owners/Operators and FIWARE Ops users who want to offer the FI-PPP technologies (i.e. Generic and Specific Enablers) to 3rd parties, and who might also want to join the FIWARE Federation through the FIWARE Lab.

    The following modules are taken from presentations that were designed for Infrastructure Owners/Operators, and presented at a XIFI training workshop in Madrid in June 2014.

    For each module we provide a copy of the presentation as a PDF, and a Youtube link to a video of the presentation that was recorded at the Madrid workshop.

  • Training Introduction

  • Federated Platform Architecture

    The process of creating a federation involves technical, operational and business aspects, often more than the simple communication overhead, that are clear if the distributed nature of the solution is taken into account. Therefore a federation is not the simple sum of different, even identical, nodes and all the different viewpoints have to be considered in designing it.

    This module takes account of these aspects, covering the different inputs collected so far from internal stakeholders (e.g. infrastructures and federation managers) and from external stakeholders (e.g. technology providers and developers).

  • Process for joining the Federation

    This module describes how an Infrastructure Owner/Operator would successfully join the FIWARE Federation.

  • Components That You Need

    An introduction to Infrastructure ToolBox and OpenStack

  • A Guide to the Infrastructure ToolBox

    This module is a guide to the operation of the Infrastructure ToolBox.

  • Detailed Components - Monitoring

    This module provides details to the Infrastructure Owner/Operator on how they would monitor the detailed components on the federated network.

  • Marketplace and Resource Catalogue

    The FIWARE Lab Marketplace portal is the single entry point for accessing services offered by the FIWARE federation. The FIWARE Lab Marketplace portal works as the glue for the services offered to the FIWARE Lab stakeholders, and in particular is an aggregation point for the following services:

    - Resource Catalogue and Recommendation Tool

    - Monitoring Dashboard - SLA and Accounting Dashboard

    - Security and Privacy Dashboard

    - Interoperability Tools

    - Info-graphics and Status Pages

    - Cloud Portal

  • Deployment & Configuration Adapter

    So if you are an Infrastructure owner or operator who has decided to join the XIFI federation then this module will provide an overview of the Deployment and Configuration Adapter (DCA).

    The DCA is a XIFI component and offers to the XIFI infrastructure owners and application providers a single point of deploying and monitoring the VM/GE instances in the XiFi federation.

  • Network Controller

    This module provides details to the Infrastructure Owner/Operator on the functionality of the FIWARE Ops Network Controller.

  • Support Processes

    New Infrastructures joining the federation will need the support of the XIFI community. This module provides details on the support processes that have been defined that will offer that support to our new node Infrastructures.
  • Webinars

    FIWARE Ops have held a series of Webinars, which were recorded and uploaded to the FIWARE Ops YouTube TV channel. These Webinars will form a valuable resource for those Infrastructures wishing to join and exploit the FIWARE Lab.