Topic outline

  • Summary of the Access Control (OAUTH-API-AZ) course

    This course teaches how to use the FI-WARE Security Generic Enabler called "Access Control", and with the help of the Identity Management Generic Enabler, achieve advanced REST API Access Control. You will learn the core concepts of the predominant standards used in the solution: OAuth and XACML, i.e. OAuth Resource owner, Client Application and Authorization Server for OAuth; the Policy Decision Point (PDP), the Policy Administration Point (PAP), and Policy Enforcement Point (PEP) for XACML. In this course, you will also learn how to integrate your REST application with a FI-WARE Identity Management GE and Access Control GE to achieve advanced OAuth-XACML-based access control.

    You can either browse the course little by little by viewing each lesson below one by one, or download the full tutorial at the bottom (last item) to get everything at once.

    • Solution Overview for OAuth-based API Access Control

      This course presents the overview of the solution (architecture) for OAuth-based API access control in FI-WARE and the use case requirements motivating it.
      • OAuth interactions between Identity Management and Access Control Generic Enablers

        This course describes the OAuth/XACML sequence and message flow with the IdM and Access Control in details.

        • Using Identity Management Interfaces for OAuth

          This course teaches how to use the IdM Admin Web UI and API for OAuth setup. This is the basic preliminary steps that a developer has to go through to integrate his/her applications in the FI-WARE OAuth framework.

          • Access Control GE APIs and IdM OAuth integration Tutorial

            This course helps developers get started in programming with Access Control GE API and configuring for IdM integration and OAuth-XACML-combined access control.

            • Tutorial package

              Full tutorial covering all above sections:

              • Powerpoint presentation
              • Sample XML configurations used in the presentation
              • Sample API requests used in the presentations
              • Access Control GE's RESTful API WADL mentioned in the presentation