Topic outline

  • PaaS Manager (Pegasus) - Generic Enabler

    Pegasus GEri is the reference implementation of PaaS Manager GE.

    Pegasus GEi orchestrates the provisioning of the required virtual resources at IaaS level and the installation and configuration of the whole software stack of the application, taking into account the underlying virtual infrastructure. It provides a flexible mechanism to perform the deployment, enabling multiple deployment architectures: everything in a single server, several servers, or elastic architectures based on load balancers and different software tiers. Pegasus is a easy way to deploy your applications in the FIWARE Cloud.

    This course presents the usage of Pegasus together with Sagitta GEi (PaaS Manager GE) in the blueprint template functionality.

    • Training with webinars

      This following links are a full recording of the usage of PaaS Manager. This video combines the tutorials for two GEs: PaaS Manager and Software Deployment and Configuration (SDC) and it is shared between them.