Topic outline

  • Gateway Data Handling (EspR4fastData)

    Gateway Data Handling GE is the first stage of intelligence, transforming data into events thanks to smart but simple rules. It collects raw or NGSI data, transform them to value-added application relevant events, then finally propagate them towards the subscribers.

    • GE location within the FI-WARE architecture

      The Gateway Data Handling GE - EspR4FastData is meant to process data in real time. It is typically embedded into FI-WARE gateways. Those data are harvested from the lower level protocol adapters that collect raw sensor information.

    • Introduction to CEP concepts

      EspR4FastData provides real-time event processing capablities. But before going straight forward to the technical course, those unfamiliar with event concepts might want to attend this course in order to be introduced to the topic. Otherwise the others can skip this step and directly attend the next course instead.

    • Quickstart

      In this course, EspR4FastData will be introduced step-by-step, through a meaningful use-case that illustrates and emphasizes its most important features. This quickstart guide is the video illustration of the material that can be found in the user's and programmer's guide.