Topic outline

  • IoT Broker GEri

    The IoT Broker GE is an IoT Backend enabler of the FIWARE IoT Architecture. It is forseen to run on a machine in a data center, where it serves as a middleware which enables fast and easy access to Internet-of-Things data. Instead of having to deal with the technical details of existing FIWARE IoT installations, application developers only need to set up their application to communicate with the IoT Broker in order to retrieve the data they need. The IoT Broker takes care of the task of communicating with the different IoT Devices and Gateways to retrieve the needed information on behalf of the applications.

    The course here has been updated in order to show the latest functionalities of IoT Broker version 5.4.3.

  • IoT Broker GEri introduction

    In this topic you will learn what the IoT Broker GE does, and how to use it in Internet-of-Things installations. Furthermore, this topic contains an introduction to the NGSI data model and operations supported by the IoT Broker GE in interplay with the IoT Discovery GE.

  • IoT Broker Installation and Administration Guide

    Please refer to the Installation and Administration Guide in the FIWARE public wiki.

    • IoT Broker User and Programmer Guide

      Please refer to the User and Programmers Guide in the FIWARE public wiki.

      • Associations in FI-WARE NGSI 9/10

        The purpose of the association concept in FI-WARE NGSI is to enable a transition from device-level information to Thing-level information and vice versa. Associations describe relationships between these two levels of abstraction.


        • Description of  associations as an abstract concept.
        • The representation of associations in the FI-WARE NGSI information model
        • Registration and retrieval of associations with NGSI operations is described
        • Tutorial: a set of examples is provided.

        This lesson applies from a version of IoT Broker 3.3.3 and later

      • IoT Broker Extension Point

        This lesson describes how to extend the IoT Broker with custom plugins for connecting to new kinds of data sources, and for generating FIWARE NGSI entities by means of processing functions.

        This lesson refers to a version of the IoT Broker at least 5.3.3 or later.

      • Entity Composition

        In this lesson it will be shown the entity composer plugin which has the functionality to compose entities from other entities by means of aggregating attribute values and renaming attributes. If deployed, it extends the IoT Broker by a Query Service (see the Extension Points lesson).


        • Activate the plugin
        • Entity Composition workflow
        • Composition Rule syntax and semantics: a tutorial

        This plugin is available from IoT Broker version 4.4 or later

      • Scaling IoT Broker

        This lesson will show you how to scale the IoT Broker.


        • Description of the scalable IoT Broker architecture and its NGSI interaction
        • Live demo of the scalable IoT Broker

        The scalability feature is available only from version 5.4.3

      • Historical Agent feature

        This documents will give information about the Historical Agent feature of the IoT Broker.


        • How to enable the Historical Agent
        • How to use the Historical Agent

        This lesson refers to a version of the IoT Broker at least 5.3.3 or later

      • Semantic Grounding feature

        Introduction to the semantic capabilities of the IoT Broker.


        • Enabling Semantic Grounding
        • Tutorial

        This lesson refers to a version of the IoT Broker at least 5.4.3 or later