Topic outline

  • Data Center Resource Management

  • DCRM Introduction

    A high-level introduction of the context of DCRM within the FI-WARE project, its main features, and some reference links to the specification and APIs.

  • DCRM primer for users: allocating VMs

    This lesson will show how to use DCRM to start a virtual machine from an existing disk image, how to access it using a key pair and security groups, how to customize it, and finally how to save it as a virtual server snapshot.

    In case you are not familiar with DCRM concepts and terminology, we recommend that you attend the introductory lesson on DCRM.

  • DCRM Installation: Openstack Controller and Compute

    How to install and configure DCRM Controller and Compute components

  • DCRM Installation: Pivot

    How to install Pivot.

    Pivot provides an advanced placement manager for clouds capable of deploying, optimizing and relocating virtual machines under various constraints while globally optimizing the cloud utilization. It produces both plans for deploying and migrating virtual machines and handles their safe execution.

  • DCRM Installation: DOVE

    DOVE Installation.

    DOVE is IBM's  software defined network (SDN) solution for virtual networks. DOVE is defined using network as a service abstractions and implemented using overlay data plane. DOVE follows the SDN centralized control plane concepts providing scalable network solution.

    Network-as-a-service: Instead of building the network in the physical concepts such as subnets and routers,  DOVE has 2 main abstractions: groups (Neutron networks) and policies. With policies you define the connectivity in the data center.

    Centralized control plane: DOVE is a SDN solution in which the control plane is being managed separately by a centralized controller

    Overlay data plane: Data packets are being transferred encapsulated over VXLAN protocol