• Course description

    This eLearning course is created for anybody interested in FIWARE, Smart City projects or who is considering to work with Open Data. 

    It is intended to be a quickstart guide with different content sections in each of the modules, for both, people with general interest and also the technical people.

    We will ask business and process related questions and answer them with FIWARE concepts and technology. 
We will provide a condensed overview about what FIWARE is, and how to work with some of the most important FIWARE Generic Enabler to transform its benefits into Smart City applications, use-cases and experiments.

    We will demonstrate one simple exemplary way to quickstart into the development process of a real Smart City prototype application using FIWARE Generic Enabler. You should then be enabled to transfer the learnings into your individual processes and technology stacks.

    • M06: Connecting IoT devices

      This course module will present the integration of sensor data into our Smart City demo application "Thunderstorm warning".

      We will show the advantages of using FIWARE Generic Enablers to integrate real-world sensors and hardware devices into Smart City applications. These building blocks enable agile software development and interoperation without hindering from national or technical borders. A solid foundation for future-proof and citizen-centric Smart City applications across a large number of devices and platforms.

      Generic Enablers covered:

      - Backend Device Management GE - IDAS

      - IoT Broker GE

      - IoT Discovery GE

      - IoT Data Edge Consolidation GE - Cepheus

    M05: SecurityM07: Context data platform