Topic outline

  • General

    The Business API Ecosystem GE is the result of the collaboration between FIWARE and the TMForum. In this regard, the Business API Ecosystem GE is a joint component made up by integrating the FIWARE Business Framework with a set of standard APIs (and its reference implementations) provided by the TMForum in its TMF API ecosystem.

    This component allows the monetization of different kind of assets (both digital and physical) during the whole service life cycle, from offering creation to its charging, accounting and revenue settlement and sharing. In this way, the Business API Ecosystem provides sellers the means for managing, publishing, and generating revenue of they products, apps, data, and services.

    Business API Ecosystem eLearning Course

    This course represents the basis of the Business API Ecosystem delving then into those aspects related to each of the user roles in the Business API Ecosystem (customer, seller and administrator) and into those aspects related with developers that want to extend capabilities of the software by creating their own plug-ins.

    • The documentation included in this course refers to the software version 5.4.1
    • Most of the topics in this course doesn't require specific knowledge, since the web portal is used. In this regard, those topics that require specific knowledge are explicitly labeled

  • Introduction

    This introductory chapter is intended to give you an overview of what is the Business API Ecosystem, and what can be done with it. In this regard, this topic includes documentation about the Business API Ecosystem features and architecture, its relationships with other GE, and the basic user configuration settings

  • Sellers

    This topic is intended for sellers that want to monetize their apps, data or services using the Business API Ecosystem. The current topic explains the different steps that have to be carried out to create catalogs, products and offerings, manage received orders, and deal with revenue sharing features

  • Customers

    This topic is intended for customers that use the Business API Ecosystem to acquire apps, data, or services. In particular, this topic contains documentation about acquisitions, order management and acquired products management (including subscription and usage renewals).

  • Admins

    The current topic is intended for administrators of the Business API Ecosystem. Specifically, this section deals with the installation of the software, the installation of plug-ins, and the usage of the admin-specific sections of the portal

    • To properly follow the contents included in this topic it is required some basic knowledge of Linux systems and systems administration

  • Developers

    This topic is intended for developers that want to create plug-ins for the Business API Ecosystem in order to extend its support for digital types of products. In particular, the current topic includes documentation about the plug-ins structure, existing events, and data models

    • To properly follow this topic it is required some knowledge on Python programming