Topic outline

  • Simple Docker hosting on FIWARE Lab

    The Docker GE provides the basic docker container hosting capabilities. It will ensure that FIWARE developers can leverage the docker ecosystem to create services composed of FIWARE GEs and deploy them on FIWARE Cloud compliant providers.While users can use the Cloud Portal GE to interact with their docker hosts, the Docker GE also ensures that they can remotely create and manage their docker hosts, clusters and containers from their local docker clients.The Docker GE shows how developers can leverage Docker Machine to deploy and manage docker hosts on the FIWARE lab.

    • Deploying docker hosts on FIWARE

      This tutorial will explain how you can easily setup your Docker environment to develop and deploy your services on the FIWARE Lab.  One of the key take-aways of this tutorial is not only can you host and manage docker on FIWARE, but you can do this remotely from your local Docker client.