Topic outline

  • Repository (Repository RI)

    The Repository GEĀ  is a core enabler of the FIWARE Business Framework (together with the Store GE and the Marketplace GE). The Repository GE and it reference implementation provide a consistent uniform API to access USDL service descriptions and associated media files for applications of the business framework. A service provider can use the Repository GE to publish the description of various aspects of the service according to a unified description language.

    Moreover, the Repository provides a uniform API to perform smart searches over the published descriptions. This API is oriented to service descriptions and media files serialized in RDF formats (e.g a Linked-USDL document) and allows the usage of SPARQL as query language.

  • Repository for Users

    This section explains how to use the Repository from the point of view of an user, including how to browse collections and resources using the basic web interface, how to upload, update, remove and retrieve resources using its API, and how to perform SPARQL queries over the published RDF resources.

  • Repository for admins

    This section contains information regading the administration of the Repository, including an installation and administration guide.