Topic outline

  • Policy Manager (Bosun) - Generic Enabler

    Bosun GEri is the reference implementation of Policy Manager GE.

    Bosun GEri offers decision-making ability, independently of the type of resource (physical/virtual resources, network, service, etc.) being able to solve complex problems within the Cloud field by reasoning about the knowledge base, represented by facts and rules. Bosun GEri provides the basic management of cloud resources based on rules, as well as management of the corresponding resources within FIWARE Cloud instances based on infrastructure physical monitoring, resources and services security monitoring or whatever that could be defined by facts, actions and rules.

    The baseline for the Bosun GEri is PyCLIPS, which is a module to interact with CLIPS expert system implemented in python language. The reason to take PyCLIPS is to extend the OpenStack ecosystem with an expert system, written in the same language as the rest of the OpenStack services. Besides, It provides notification service to your own HTTP server where you can define your own actions based on the notifications launched by Policy Manager. Last but not least, Bosun is integrated with the Monitoring GEri in order to recover the information of the (virtual) system and calculate any possible change on it based on the knowledge database defined for it.

    This course presents the basis of the Policy Manager workflow from rules creation to notifications to the user's server.

  • Training with webinar

    This following link is a full recording of the webinar on 12 feb 2015 about Policy Manager Bosun GE. This webinar presents an introduction on Policy Manager use and also presents a practical example of work with it.