Topic outline

  • Virtual Character GE

    The virtual Character GE functionality is implemented as a JavaScript library, and is part of the WebTundra GE codebase, which also contains the 3D-UI and Synchronization (client part) GE's. The 3D-UI GE (which in turn uses the WebGL API through the three.js rendering library) is utilized for the Entity-Component-Attribute based scene model, the hierarchical transformation graph and implementing the actual rendering: a Virtual Character becomes part of the scene hierarchy and can be manipulated using the scene model's functions.

    This course is written for the Virtual Character release version 3.3.3.

  • Introduction to Virtual Characters GE

    This section introduces you to Virtual Characters GE. This section consist of following topics:

    • What technologies Virtual Chacaters uses.
    • Brief summary of components used by the Virtual Character.
    • Data Model
    • Code samples.
  • Virtual Characters GE Download

    You can find latest binaries from FIWARE catalogue. Virtual Charcters GE is part of WebTundra GE and is included in same downloadable package.

  • Further Resources

    You can learn how to get started by reading following links