Topic outline

  • Store (WStore)

    The Store GE and its reference implementation WStore provides users an integrated shop for selling digital assets including services, APIs, datasets, Apps, Mashups, etc., for consumers as well as developers of Future Internet applications and services and for end-to-end managing of offerings and sales. The scope of WStore focuses on selling enterprise-level apps, datasets, APIs and services, with integrated support for complex pricing models (including subscriptions, pay-as-you-go, etc.), accounting, charging, billing and revenue sharing. Additionaly, by providing a one-stop, integrated shop, the different digital assets can be offered jointly through a single portal, enhancing their respective value.

    WStore eLearning course

    This course represents the basis of WStore delving then into those aspects related to each of the user roles in WStore (customer, provider and administrator) and into those aspects related with developers that want to extend capabilities of an application with the features offered by WStore.

  • 1. WStore introduction

    This first chapter is intended to give an overview of what is WStore and what can be done with it. Concretely, you can find some documentation about WStore architecture and features, basic confguration settings, and its integration with other GEris of FIWARE

  • 2. WStore for customers

    This chapter is intended for customers and gives some documentation regarding the basic concepts dealing with the acquisition of offerings.

  • 3. WStore for providers

    This chapter is intended for offering providers that want to publish and monetize their digital assets using WStore. Concretely, this chapter deals with the basic concepts and features that an offering provider needs to know, shows a concrete case on how to monetize data offered though CKAN, and gives some advanced documentation on how to build complex pricing models for WStore offerings.

  • 4. WStore for admins

    This chapter is intended to WStore admins and contains information about WStore installation and administration

  • 5. WStore for developers

    This chapter includes the developer guide explaining how to use the API to integrate different applications with WStore features.