Topic outline

  • 3D-UI (WebTundra) GE (5.4.3)

    WebTundra is a WebGL & WebSockets based web client library for making multiuser applications by utilizing the realXtend Tundra SDK as the server. The server features 3d physics (with Bullet), Javascript scripting for server side logic and efficient networking with the kNet library. WebTundra provides the application developer with a scene model which is automatically synchronized over the network and vizualised in 3d in the browser client.

  • Getting started

    You can learn here how to get started using this GE. Refer to the "ReadTheDocs resources" link below. 

  • Stable and nightly releases

    This GE has two deployed releases:

    - Stable: the latest release

    - Nightly: latest development to the last commit in the GitHub repository

  • Examples

    Browse the examples of using WebTundra. You can choose between "stable" and "nightly".

  • Resources

    A list of resources for WebTundra. GitHub repository, FIWARE catalogue page, etc.