This course explains us how to use Pegasus to create blueprint template using the defined software recipes and deploy it into the FIWARE Lab environment. Pegasus GEi orchestrates the provisioning of the required virtual resources at IaaS level and the installation and configuration of the whole software stack of the application, taking into account the underlying virtual infrastructure. The goal of this course is to understand the creation of Blueprint Template and Blueprint Instances by Pegasus and use Sagitta GEi to install software based on recipes defined either in Chef of Puppet into a virtual machine (i.e. server in OpenStack).  The topics that it is covered in this course are:

* Understand what is a Blueprint Template and Blueprint Instance.

* Understand the concept of Tiers associated to a Blueprint.

* Clone a Blueprint Template from the Catalog.

* Create a new Blueprint Template from scratch.

* Lauch a Blueprint template to create a Blueprint Instance.

* Install specific applications or FIWARE GEis into virtual machines using defined recipes.