This course explains us how to deploy a server or virtual machine using private network with the IaaS Resource Management GE. It provides the facilities to provision virtual machines, as well as to associated compute, storage and network resources based on OpenStack. The goal of this course is to know how to deploy a server using private network. The topics that it is covered in this course are:
* Understand the different of public and private network and why we should use it.
* Create a new keypair to access to your own server.
* Create a security group to allow the access outside the world.
* Add specific rules to the security group associated to the port that we want to use.
* Create a private network and its subnetwork.
* Create a router and assign the Gateway and Interfaces to the public network and private network.
* Create a new server with a private network.
* Associate a public IP to the private IP address.
* Check the access to your server using the private network.