This course explain us how to use Policy Manager - Bosun to define a rule set associated to servers deployed in FIWARE Lab. Bosun GEri offers decision-making ability, independently of the type of resource (physical/virtual resources, network, service, etc.) being able to solve complex problems within the Cloud field by reasoning about the knowledge base, represented by facts and rules. The goal of this course is understand the architecture of the component besides with the definition of facts, rule and actions. The topics that it is covered in this course are:
* Understand the architecture of Bosun.
* Define the concepts of Rule, Actions and Facts.
* Get a token to work with the Policy Manager.
* Create a corresponding rule for a specific server.
* Create the corresponding subscription to receive the actions triggered by the Rule Engine.
* Receive the facts from the Publish/Subscribe Context Broker and injects into the Rule Engine.
* See how we receive an actions when the Rule Engine activates a rule.