FIWARE Ops: Showcase videos

FIWARE Ops has produced a series of training videos, which present and showcase the federation in a very clear and comprehensive way. These videos are used as supporting materials during our training sessions. They are published here in the on-line learning platform and social media channels.

Target audience

The key purpose of the MG1 & MG2 videos is to present the showcases to Infrastructure Owners and Operators, showing the advantage of joining the FIWARE Lab federation and of installing FIWARE Ops and the FIWARE Generic Enablers (GEs[1]).

The key purpose of the MG3 video is that it sells the benefit of being part of the FIWARE Lab ecosystem to a range of stakeholders, including the Infrastructure Owners/Operators, as well as Smart City innovators, that include the Public Authorities, SMEs/Developers and Accelerators.